American Bang

I heard about these guys through a Verizon commercial. They had a catchy little song on it a while back and then I had just forgotten about them. I stumbled across them again, very randomly, and and it just so happens that they are finally putting out a proper debut album. (Their self titled effort comes out at the end of August.)

After listening to their first single Wild And Young, they strike me as a cleaner version of Kings of Leon. Lead singer Jaren Johnston even mimics some of Caleb Followill's twangy vocal mannerisms. I am not saying it is a bad thing by any means. If you like Kings of Leon then you'll love American Bang. Their songs are soaring, anthemic, and rollicking. Many of you will scream 'derivative' but I say that American Bang bring a spit shine polish that KoL were just getting around to on their latest album. There's enough room in the music landscape for a band this talented.

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