The Victorious Secrets

FreeCreditScore.com is currently looking to replace their popular fake band. You know the ones with the guys singing in a Renaissance Fair or at a restaurant in pirate get-ups. Yeah, they're fake. Sorry to ruin your childhood fantasies. Anyway, the company has been searching the country for a real replacement band. There are 4 bands that you can vote for right now. I have my favorite and their little commercial ditty is even more catchy than any jingle I have heard on TV. (Maybe the Empire Flooring 1-800-988-2300, EMPIRE!)

The Victorious Secrets (get it?) is an unsigned band from Detroit with a national commercial and the goods to back it up. Their sound is a grungy/pop/rock thing going on. Simultaneously catchy and tongue planted firmly in cheek, they're songs are self-aware and so are the guys in the band. (As evidenced in some of their interviews) Riding on a Falcon, is a thumping good time with excellent lead vocals by Danny Zott. A definite winner in my book for the competition which hopefully leads to bigger and better things for these guys.

The Victorious Secrets- Myspace
Riding on a Falcon-

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