J Roddy Walston & The Business

Pure, raw energy is the only way to describe J Roddy and the Business. From Baltimore by way of Tennessee, these guys play rock n' roll as if their lives depend on it. And a few of today's bands could stand to have their lives threatened. (I'm glaring at you Nickelback!) Their sound is jagged and rough, but then goes down smooth once the melodies take control. JR&TB are nothing if not super catchy. With a sophomore album out on July 27th, JR&TB hope to really show the world what it really means to rock. And roll.

Roddy's voice is all gravel and glass but never veers into grating. One moment he is subdued and the next note everything is unleashed. Piano rocker Don't Break the Needle is one of their strongest tracks with slow burning vocals by Roddy before he lets loose the flames on the chorus. Jerry Lee Lewis would be proud.

Roddy is backed by some serious Business as well. The entire band's sound basically body slams emo to the floor. Not only are J Roddy and the Business performing barn burners with every tune, they set the whole damn town aflame.

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