New Pete Yorn

As you can probably tell, my real job has started back. (Teaching doesn't pay many bills, but it pays some.) So right now, I'm more concerned with getting everything squared away with that. BUT I did just get a second Pete Yorn track off his upcoming self-titled album. It's called Velcro Shoes and is just as good as Precious Stone. Filled with harmonica, rough guitars, and a catchy hook, Pete Yorn is putting out his best work. I was a huge fan of his first two, not so much his last two. These tracks are changing my outlook. It's now sunny with a definite purchase. Hopefully I'll be getting an advanced copy to review to really get a better idea. Until then, enjoy a free download of Velcro Shoes AND Precious Stone.

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Precious Stone-
Download This:
Velcro Shoes
Precious Stone

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