Jukebox the Ghost

Call this a long time coming. Jukebox the Ghost came into my email a while back. I mean a whhhile back. And then I forgot about them. And then I remembered how much I intended to get them on DFD but never did. (Well, thanks to Direct Current for the memory jog) Jukebox the Ghost just released their album Everything Under the Sun and it is filled with hooky, anthemic, piano-driven gems.

So Let Us Create
is a Queen-esque slow build with trickling piano and a soft flowing melody. Also check out the jittery album opener Schizophrenia, which sounds like Phoenix on a caffeine high. With their pop sensibilities intact, Jukebox the Ghost aren't one of those bands that gets experimental and the critics swoon. Rather, they rely on solid songwriting, tight melodies, and excellent

Jukebox the Ghost- Myspace
So Let Us Create-

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