Justin Jones

Justin Jones
Rough around the edges, blues fueled, raw energy. Just some of the ways to describe Justin Jones. His new release Little Fox EP, is a breath of fresh air in the overproduced shine of today's music. With just enough ragged-ness in his voice to make you want to keep listening, Jones keeps his brand of country-tinged rock rolling. On the harmonica laden opening track Little Fox.

 It's a highlight on the album but it's the stark track The Gutter with its gut-wrenching lyrics and simple guitar chords that knocks you down.  (I found a memory in the gutter/put it in my belly/ it fed me for weeks). Jones' honesty in his songs is almost a little too hard to listen to. His vocals sound like he is on the brink of ripping open his chest. A great find that has gotten me out of a dry spell. 

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