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Already inducted into the DFD Hall of Fame (yeah we've got one...um...it just started), Young the Giant (formerly The Jakes) are set to deliver their proper self-titled debut album digitally on October 26th. And deliver do they ever. Giant is one of the best terms to describe these California guys' sound. They have a big sound which is accented by lead singer's Sameer Gadhia's big voice. He soars on the rollicking, lively My Body and brings it down to a simmer on Islands.

Young the Giant are steeped in Californian, laid-back rock. They create such an atmosphere with each and every song. They aren't going for the nose-bleeds every time but they make up for it genuine pop/rock greatness. Hooks abound at every turn and especially on their most famous track Cough Syrup. Garands is filled with soaring vocals that practically beg to be blared from a car stereo at sunset. Never too heavy or too light, these guys are, to quote Goldilocks, "Just right." They have built quite a mold for themselves, one I'm not quite sure has been cast before. Young the Giant inhabit a soulful place where the songs are at the forefront. Melodies swoon in and out with dream like guitars and pounding, piercing drums. 

Not every song is a winner though, St. Walker at times is a bit aimless. It's just not as strong as the rest. Same goes for album closer Guns Out. On this track, the hooks just don't spill out as easily as the others. It gets weighed down by its own breeziness. Young the Giant though have put together quite a strong outfit of material here that will bring that summery feel we'll all need by winter's end. A-

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