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Robots in Love EP by Beautiful Small Machines

The perfectly titled EP should give you a hint about what to expect from this electronica duo. I know, I know, electronica? But wait until you hear it . I was pleasantly surprised that it's not all club-thumping electronic music. There is actual heart and emotion in these songs. Beautiful Small Machines is in fact Bree Sharp and Don DiLego, longtime collaborators who just wanted to start something fresh and new.

A mix of pop hooks with a space-age rock feel. It sounds like, well, robots in love. And the title track is one of the to be heard. It starts off with a cool synth beat with Bree singing in a a matter-of-fact delivery about a boyfriend's lack of commitment. (When he said I love you girl it should have come with a warning) Guitars swoop in for the latter part of the song to deliver a change of pace.

So Long 2 U is an airy ode to saying goodbye. It is one of those rare songs that mix electronica with emotion. It really is the heart of the album. Bree has never sounded so crisp and melodic. Beautiful Small Machines though can drift a little too far into their experimental roots. Album closer Servo Manual Chapter 1 is a vocoder-laden misstep. While Superconducter is a cheerleader style chant that is repetitive and basically goes nowhere. But Beautiful Small Machines overcome those with that rare feat of mixing electronica with pop hooks. B

Beautiful Small Machines
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