He Is We

Washington natives He Is We (aka Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly) come from different musical tastes. She is an indie rock/pop girl, while he enjoys hardcore metal. Together you wouldn't be able to tell. Their music is so melodic with Rachel taking over much of the lead vocals. She has a Paramore vibe going on but with a sweeter voice. Her voice cuts through everything; it's so clear.

Many of their songs are so damn catchy, you will be whistling it all day long. Pardon Me is all boppy piano and killer harmonies- one of their best. Radio is a somber ode to getting through to someone. (He only hums when he's blue/Radio leave me a melody that'll make this boy cry ) While A Mess It Grows is a heart breaker, sing songy track about a bad relationship that you don't want to end. (Why do I justify what you did wrong to me?) He Is We is unsigned but with the music scene how it is right now, would fit it just fine with the indie crowd.

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