Love & Theft

When I work at the radio station, I can only listen to country music. So when this group came across my playlist, they already had a strike against them. But Love & Theft know no boundaries when it comes to music. Their music is every bit as rock as it is country. They have a little twang in their voice but what can you expect from 3 guys from Nashville. Now they may not be new to anyone knee deep in the country music scene, but to those not, Love & Theft are quite the band.

Their album World Wide Open comes out on August 25th. Their first single Runaway is a catchy song about leaving town with crisp melodies awash in acoustic guitars and pounding drums. It opens up with a great vocal delivery backed by soft guitars before it explodes in the chorus. I've been playing this song every chance I get. Their second single Don't Wake Me has already been an iTunes Free Single of the Week, but in my mind it's not their best. While Love & Theft definitely have their harmonies down pat, they can come off a little over-produced. But a worthy dig nevertheless.

Love & Theft- Myspace

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