The Heavy

I'm ba-aack! Sorry for the absence but had to get away for a bit. DFD should be getting back to normal. My inbox is so full it's going to take some time to sift through it all. I'll be getting the best of what I've dug up shortly. Until then, dig this.

Practically oozing with sex, heat, and blues, The Heavy provide a healthy dose of jazz influenced rock. Hailing from the UK, the appropriately titled, The Heavy are loaded down with funky horns, crunchy guitars and dirty as hell. After listening to the song Sixteen, you'll need to shower because it will leave you in a cold sweat. Sampling from Screamin Jay Hawkins' hit I Put A Spell On You, finds Sixteen as a perfect blend of blues, rock, and jazz about Satan and his young bride.

Lead singer Kelvin Swaby has a set of pipes that can hit the high notes one minute and growl with a rocker's edge the next. Their album The House That Dirt Built is brimming with soul rock to spare. How You Like Me Now? channels James Brown with its crashing drums and swagger. While Oh No! Not You Again is a fast paced, punk fueled torrent of a song. The Heavy are mixing genres like it's going out of style which actually might make it all the rage.

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