Jason Zerbin

So its been a little while hasn't it? I haven't forgotten about y'all but there has just been a lack of exciting talent lately. I've been getting a lot of recommendations mind you, but nothing that is worth posting. (Because here at DFD, I only want the best music)

With that said, Canada's Jason Zerbin is getting me out of my dry spell. With a touch of David Gray and a bit of straight forward rock, Zerbin creates an all encompassing sound. His debut album is finished and is waiting on a release date as of this typing. His song Hear Me has such well-written lyrics (If love's really an ocean, I want to drown) and a steady build. The song is one of his strongest with atmospheric guitars and emotion to spare. In Your Arms starts off with haunting strings and builds to strong rock hook with a sprinkle of toy piano. It's an all around great song although it never really gets where it's going. I Want You is his catchiest song with a jittery backbeat against a Zerbin singing, I want you more than anyone else/ Over the powers of heaven and hell.

Jason Zerbin's voice immediately draws you in with his powerful instrument. There's not much grit or blues but a smooth, clean, straight forward vocal. With his smart lyrics and knack for writing those songs that have a steady climb before everything is released, Zerbin is going to quickly be finding himself scoring a scene on The CW.

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Love this band!!!!!!