Deas Vail

So Arkansas' Deas Vail (which means Humble servant of God) has been around a few years now. Apparently I'm a little late to the party. But you know what they say, "Better late..."well, you know the rest. The band just released their brand new LP called Birds and Cages Tuesday and I've got to say it's really great. Their sound is powered by sweet melodies and powerful vocals courtesy of lead singer Wes Blaylock. They remind me a bit of Death Cab For Cutie, if Cutie had hooks.

One of the best songs, is the piano-driven track Birds, which find Blaylock reaching to understand the meaning of life (you know light stuff) singing We are just figurines with a theology that we don't we understand. The song has great lyrics that really do make you think. While many of their songs have a Christianity slant, they don't go around hitting you over the head with it. Deas Vail knows how to rock out as apparent on Excuses, with its soaring chorus. They may not be new to the music scene, but they've been hidden for far too long.

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