Kids In Glass Houses

Pop punk outfit Kids in Glass Houses may be from Wales, but their music has all the snide and snare of many of American grown pop/punk bands. While many of those bands can end up sounding the same (whiny, shrill, nonchalant..), these Kids have found a groove to set them apart.

Their debut album Smart Casual had a couple of charting singles over in the UK. The band landed an opening spot for Fall Out Boy and a headlining tour of their own. But still remain largely unknown in the States, which may change when they release their sophomore album in the spring of 2010. The first single off said album, Youngblood (Let It Out) is true blue melodic rock filled with the angst of youth (Young boy chasing his prayers upstairs, a white light, her red light, and her thighs on his mind) Lead singer Aled, has an edge to his voice that really propels the song.

Kids In Glass Houses do teeter on the edge of emo but just stay far enough on this side of rock to be safe. Their songs are filled with hooks both lyrically and musically. If these guys continue on the path of their first single, the new album should provide quite a listen.

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