The Rescues

Can an indie supergroup, still be a supergroup even if you don't any of the members as solo artists? Well, apparently The Rescues are comprised of very successful indie solo artists who formed their band after an Atlantic exec asked them to get together and perform at his wedding. And the rest they say is history.

The Rescues are a pretty unique sounding group, mixing California pop, gritty indie sensibilities and a dash of electronica. (Only a dash though) Need proof of this mix? Well look no further than the absolutely blissful, pounding track Can't Stand the Rain. Mixing toy piano, thunderous tambourine, and more tempo changes than you can shake a stick, The Rescues have found a perfect mix of melancholy and intrigue. The song gets better on repeated listens as you find something new every time.

The Rescues just recently signed with Universal Republic so expect a new album um... sometime soon hopefully.

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