Digging For One Year

All together now... "Happy birthday to you."

Yep today, Digging For Days turns one year old! They grow up so fast.Feel free to go back to the archives and read up on my first post. It feels just like yesterday I was thinking of a name to kick start my foray into music blogging. There have been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in getting Digging For Days to where it is now. (And I am still not 100% satisfied with it.)

I started this blog in response to feeling that many music blogs get so caught up in trying to be too hip and rely on too much critical hype. I hope that I have cultivated a one stop shop for great bands that cut through all the hype. I usually don't know who all reads DFD, but I hope that you have found at least one band or artist you normally wouldn't have known about. That's the goal. I will continue to post about my new finds in the future. Please continue to send in your buried bands. So keep spreading the word, posting links, and telling your friends. Here's to another year of Digging.

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