Modo has been one of those bands that has sat in my inbox for a while. Not because they aren't good enough to post about, but outta sight, outta mind. Straight out of Asheville, North Carolina, Modo is two guys- Craig Larimer (vocals) and Jake Rosenbloum (electirc guitar). Together they create a sultry electric-tinged rock mix. Larimer's voice creates a urgency in their best track Blood That I Need. Blood is all rock swagger with electronic synths. Modo has found the perfect blend. Their self-titled EP comes out on November 20th and features tracks that build upon one another. While none can match the catchy nature of Blood That I Need, they sure can layer the various sounds with skill. Too bad that a lot of their songs kind of blend together. A bit more variation will propel this band into the great category.

Modo- Myspace

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