Family of the Year

I know it's fall. I do. But one listen to Family of the Year and you would think it is one of those humid, dimly lit, summer pool parties. This Family hasn't met a melody or harmony they didn't like. In fact, many of their songs have many vocalists. Whether it be the calming background vocals on Cast Off, or the shared lead vocals on Down to the River.

Family of the Year lean more toward the folksy side of rock, with their acoustic guitars and airy vibe. They really are one of the most intriguing acts I've come across in a good while. Summer Girl is the strongest track off their EP Where's the Sun. It evokes '70s pop with a modern edge. The song is about summer lovin' (cue Olivia Newton-John) The blending of the group's vocals is scary good. It really does transport you to a different time and place with all the imagery of falling in love during those carefree summer nights. Family of the Year recently wrapped up CMJ and their debut album Songbook hits stores November 17th.

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Anonymous said...

love their music!

Mary Aquilina said...

Love his voice!