California's Sherwood started out as just one of those bands that had good songs but didn't really forge an identity to separate them from the countless others. Formed back in 2002, Sherwood put out two albums over the years and I distinctly remember listening to their sophomore album A Different Light (released back in '07) and thought that this band just wasn't for me. What a difference an album makes.

Cut to 2009 and Sherwood have a new album entitled QU. Don't ask what it means; I haven't been able to track that down yet. And wouldn't you know it, not only is Sherwood more focused than ever, they actually have grown leaps and bounds. They claim the Beach Boys as an influence for their brand of classic rock with pop sensibilities, and it shows more than ever. The harmonies are what keep their opening track Shelter floating along. It is the best 52 seconds you'll hear all year. They keep the momentum going along with killer tracks like the propulsive first single Maybe This Time. But it's the power ballad Ground Beneath My Feet that really sends your finger to the repeat button. With layered harmonies, a gentle piano and an tonal shift mid-song that really drives lead signer Nate Henry's vocals to another level. Sherwood may have slipped by me once or twice but really have hit a nerve on their third outing.

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