The Band Perry

DJ-ing for a country music radio station gets me exposed to a ton of music. It's all country music, which is bad enough, but there are some groups (Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum) that cause me to go over to the dark side for a bit. I'm not knocking the genre but I have no use for songs about trucks, rain, and being middle class. I'm from Georgia-don't need a musical reminder. The Band Perry will go onto my acceptable country music list. I saw their video for If I Die Young this morning and was completely taken by two things- #1) singer's Kimberly Perry's soft melodic tone and B.)the lyrics.

The Band Perry consists of siblings Kimberly, Reid, and Neal. Having only an EP under their belt, lead singer Kimberly sure does know who to write a song. Having written If I Die Young all by herself, the song has such a great perspective and excellent phrasing. And where it matters most-in the delivery- she hits it out of the park, relying on the lyrics to push the song forward rather than bombast vocals.

An melancholy ballad about a woman's wishes if something should happen to her. With spine-tingling lines like A penny for my thoughts/I'll sell them for a dollar/They're worth so much more after I'm a goner/And maybe then you'll hear the words I been singin'/Funny when you're dead how people start listenin'. And having gone through losing a friend way too young this really hits me in the gut. A catchy song with killer harmonies and a great message-no matter the genre.

The Band Perry will no doubt get many Lady Antebellum comparisons due to their 2 guys and a girl lineup. But with songwriting this strong and a full length album not even out, I have high hopes for this new group.

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