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I first posted about The Americans in March of last year which you can read here. They are just an amazing band from New York with a knack for the retro. Their sound infuses old school doo-wop with a modern rock twist. (The backing vocals and harmonies aren't bad either!) Lead singer Charlie Klarsfeld has a Mark Ronson vibe going on and his voice is what keeps drawing me back in.

Their new EP entitled The White EP is coming out around August. I've got my hands on it and am currently listening the hell out of it. The Antidote is a sort of preview of what's to come. More on this up and coming band. Keep up with them right here on Digging For Days.

The Americans- Myspace

The Antidote-

The Americans - ANTIDOTE Music Video from Charles Klarsfeld on Vimeo.

Download This : The Antidote

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