Christian TV

Thanks to Crazed Hits for finally getting me to listen to Christian TV. I'd seen this name floating around on the Internet for a while now and just never really wanted to listen to it. (Partly due to the name) But boy I will never judge an artist by their name again. (Well not right away.)

Christian TV is the next big thing in pop music. His single When She Turns 18, may sound inappropriate but it is one of the freshest, catchiest things to come around in quite a while. Borrowing from Timberlake's swagger and throwing in a bit of electronica/rock, Christian TV really knows how to make a splash in the music world. He is currently working on his debut album and if this is the taste of what is to come, then expect a lot out of this guy. Hooky, energetic, and perfect with its summer time care-free feel.

Warning: The video will melt your computer screen and is definitely not appropriate for young 'uns.

Christian TV- Myspace
When She Turns 18-

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Anonymous said...

Kip - Thanks for posting this and letting people not to always judge a book by it's cover (or the name of the band). This is a Summer smash for sure.