Holiday Parade

Fellow Georgians, Holiday Parade is aptly named. Who doesn't love holidays and parades? Put the two together and it's just a fun experience all around. Holiday Parade isn't really going for critical praise with their new album Tickets And Passports, but they are going for gold in fun, sunny, catchy songs. They might be best known for Slam Crunk in which they took rap songs and sang them with melodies.

Their album is filled with not-so-ground breaking songs, but man do they know how to write a hook. Their sound is rock/pop at its most melodic. They really remind me of Relient K in both vocal delivery and musical style. Bouncy piano finds its way into many songs such as their best track Time For Me. With its fast paced chorus that could be sung at the top of your lungs at a summer concert. Where Did I Go is a laid back affair with a lean on acoustic guitar licks that keep the beat on a simmer. Holiday Parade might get lost in the shuffle, but deserve to be in your stereo as the summer nights close in.

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