Mat Kearney

It's about time. Mat Kearney finally has a new single out and a release date for his sophomore album. Closer to Love off the sure to be excellent City Of Black & White will be officially released to radio on March 10th, but you can hear it right here, right now. Kearney burst onto the scene by having his music featured in almost every TV show there is. He is a folky singer/songwriter with a knack for "rapping" in his songs. (Now the rapping is more along the lines of talk/singing but still.)

Closer to Love is the best I've heard Mr. Kearney in a while. His music sounds so clean and exuberant. Maybe it's the cheery piano chords heard throughout the song or the uplifting lyrics, but either way Mat Kearney finally has a song that should find its way on radio and your iPod alike. The record was written in the oddest places- the back room of a studio, in coffee shops with people he met, even hearing someone fiddling around with the guitar and humming along. City of Black & White will be in stores on May 19th.

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Closer To Love from Mat Kearney on Vimeo.

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