Chester French

A they not a he, Chester French is comprised of D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey. This duo definitely has a unique sound. They are at once electronic, pop, rock, and pure ambition. Their first single She Loves Everybody, embodies a simple backbeat before exploding with electric energy. That song is filled with excellent lyrics about that one girl who, how can I put this nicely, has a lot of love to go around. Wallach sings, You're just a little girl now/ you're just a girl who misses her dad/I know she loves me/ she loves everybody.

And can we talk about the video? It sucks you in. It takes a turn. And you can't look away. Excellent song to introduce you to a band that strives to make smart complex music in today's world of easily digested pop music. And oh yeah, it doesn't hurt that they have Pharrell Williams in their corner. He signed the band amid a flurry of offers from Kanye to Jermaine Dupri. Chester French's debut album Love the Future is filled with quirky songs and is bound to be far from complacent.

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