Valentine's Day...Massacre

Saturday is Singles Awareness Day or if you are in a relationship, Valentine's Day. So in the spirit of both I have pulled 2 of my favorite songs to reflect both sides of this day. I fall in the former category myself, so I will be laying low until the dust settles.

Happy Valentine's Day-
Jem does an excellent cover of the simply gorgeous Coldplay song Yellow. Now you can't really beat the original, but there is something about performing this song with a piano that really brings the words to life. (Look at the stars/look how they shine for you and everything you do). This version is off of the Sweethearts compilation that features artists covering their favorite love songs.

Yellow (Cover)-

Happy Single Awareness Day-
Fiona Apple is my all time favorite artist, ever. So when she gets scorned or wronged, expect to be hearing about it in a song. One of my favorite songs is off her excellent thrid album Extraordinary Machine. It's called Not About Love and is singing about how, well, she is not in love. (This is not about love/cause I'm not in love/In fact, I can't stop falling out). Great song to sing when you look at all the other people spending who knows how much on gifts that don't really matter.

Not About Love-

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