The Modern Society

This is my new favorite band at the moment. They are so new that they have almost no videos posted anywhere. It doesn't hurt either that they are from my home state of Georgia. The Modern Society put out their debut album Friends and Enemies on their own. It had a couple of good songs, but they really have outdone themselves on their sophomore album The Beat Goes On. It has some of the catchiest, rollicking songs I have heard in a long time. The best of them all is the rollicking Promised Land- an ode to living in a small town. Woody Brown speaks directly to me with lines like I've never been one for the politics of a southern town where sticking around is the same damn thing as giving up/Get me out of here!

The Modern Society crank out catchy rock. Whether it be the blues stomping Paper Moon, or the pounding 81, these guys know how to write clever, blast it from your stereo music. Brown's vocals are what set the band apart from the others. With a rasp that adds soul to every note, he makes all the difference here. Unfortunately their album is only available through their website. Make sure you check out their Myspace page to hear their best songs.

The Modern Society- Myspace

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