Winston Audio

So it's just a coincidence that Winston Audio hails from the great state of Georgia. And it definitely shows in their music. Dry your eyes, whiny emo bands because Winston Audio are here to usher in a new era in rock. They are a straight up rock band with no frills, no synths, no eyeliner. Just dirty, southern, catchy rock music.

Their full length album The Red Rhythm, is packed with great songs, hooks, and lyrics. Action/Reaction begins with a crunchy guitar riff before lead singer Daniel Dewitt sings of resolving conflict through force. (If you push we'll push back/ Violence is the only way we react) It is a hypnotic song with an epic feel. But perhaps the best song is Hey Ann, with excellent lines like, "You were sinking like a ship with a hole in its side." It's a slow burner with pounding drums, a killer guitar riff. DeWitt completely puts his all in this song, with his vocals straining to a breaking point. Winston Audio is dirty enough to be good, but clean enough to hear the great melodies they provide.

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