The Americans

OK, so I really haven't been inspired by anything lately until I got an email delivered from the heavens. (Thanks Samantha) The Americans, though vaguely named, know exactly the type of music they want to make. The combination of styles will make your head hurt, but damn if they don't perfectly mesh. The Americans, lead by Charlie Klarsfeld, are a bit RnB, a bit old school doo-wop, a bit indie pop, and whole lotta awesome. Their songs are filled with hooks from start to finish. They're one of those bands that you know you're going to love 30 seconds into.

December Blues starts with a catchy saloon piano, horns, and a lush background of ooohs and ahhhs. The song has so many layers that work so well together. It suddenly takes a turn in the middle when all the instruments take a break for some vocals and hand claps. And One Night Stand is a danceable ditty with its bouncy piano. Honestly The Americans are a complex band with outstanding melodies and multi-layered talent. Their self-titled EP is on iTunes. Grab it and let's build the buzz.

The Americans- Myspace
Wishing Well (Acoustic)-

Download This-December Blues

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