My Favorite Highway

Sometimes all it takes is determination and a batch of catchy songs. Fairfax, Virginia's My Favorite Highway know what it's like to toil away and not see much for your work. The band almost called it quits after a concert in which only a handful of people showed up and the club couldn't afford to pay them. But they turned their frustrations into a batch of tuneful songs which led to their being signed by Virgin. Soon after their debut album How To Call A Bluff was born.

My Favorite Highway land somewhere in The Fray territory, with their piano driven melodies but have a harder edge. Simple Life is an upbeat song about breaking free of your daily routine. While Getaway Car is a soaring rocker with about finding your purpose in life.(When all you hold in your heart slips away/You have to choose/ Fall behind, make a change, or change your mind) A lot of the songs are about finding your way in life when things don't go as planned. (Hitting a little too close for me right now) Now don't misunderstand, these guys are pure radio-ready pop/rock but their songs are catchy and harmless. A perfect fit for those aimless upcoming summer months.

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Anonymous said...

I love MFH. I'm going to see them in concert tonight. Their songs are all amazing and inspirational and, as the article said, catchy. ♥