Who would have thought a European could make Americana seem so effortless? (Thanks to Heather for the tip) Lead singer Ben Kyle from Minnesota by way of Belfast, has a Ryan Adams vibe going on. (And it doesn't hurt that he guested on their track The Dark.) Kyle's voice has such a rugged, yet hushed quality to it bringing sincerity to every song. Their sophomore album America was released in 2007 and is filled with down-home, rusty gems. It's perfect to put on the car radio and drive with the windows down on a cool summer evening.

The National Side is a mid-tempo toe tapper about growing up, with excellent lines such as Daddy was a preacher in a ship-building town/ Mama cooked the meals and wore a crown because of it/Dropped the dreams in the cradle and crib/Gave 'em all to Jesus that's what she did. One of the best Romantica has to offer is off of their debut album It's Your Weakness That I Want. The song On My Mind has Kyle pushing his vocals to their brink. We Americans are getting schooled by Romantica with their excellent grasp on folk/pop-rock.

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Romantica - The National Side from Ryan Newman on Vimeo.

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Brittney Poole said...

This sounds a lot like Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. (A great album by the way.) Just FYI. If you like this, you'll love that.