Magic Kids

Who do these 'Kids' think they are? Not only did they create possibly the catchiest song this side of the Mississippi, but they make no apologies for it. Memphis' own, Magic Kids, sound like they should be a PBS kids show on Saturday morning, but alas they are a rock band with quite the buzz. But shockingly there is little known on the blogosphere about them, other than they have a record coming out sometime this year.

Their sound on the other hand... Think of Beach Boys harmonies mixed with '50s girl group wall of sound. And they do all that while still being completely modern. Now granted the only song available is Hey Boy- a peppy throwback complete with 4 part harmonies about fidelity. Magic Kids have sold me on their vibe and I can only hope that the rest of their music lives up to the excellence I've heard so far.

Magic Kids- Myspace
Hey Boy-

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