Parachute is quintet of guys from Charlotte, NC. You've maybe heard their song She Is Love in commercials. They just released their debut album Losing Sleep AND have their first single, Under Control, as the iTunes Free Single of the Week. So all in all, a pretty good week. But are they any good? Well that depends if you like your pop mixed with rock, vocal melodies, and a dash of soul. The lead singer sounds like a mix of The Click Five and The Cab- both good bands in their own right. Although sometimes, the lyrics can become a little too sugary sweet. But hey, they aren't pretending to be anything they're not.

Under Control is all bouncy piano and blue-eyed soul. Back Again is more of a rocker with a killer melody and a little more edge than the rest. Parachute are a pop band delivering catchy songs just in time for summer.

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