I'll give credit to where credit is due. I found out about Civalias from a great blog Let Me Like It. So I really can't take credit for this dig. BUT, when something is this good, it deserves to be found by any and everybody. Civalias is the project of Adam Stidham. Adam's from Southern California but his sound is similar to that of Aqualung and Coldplay. His songs are melodic and simple, somber and restrained.

His EP you.me.we., is filled with one great song after another. We Got Company and Something Real are the standouts, but really I could have chosen any of them. Something Real starts out with a lone piano before giving away to a wash of vocals singing, We can live without the worry because we survive on something real. It's all about loving someone for who they really are. Civalias' voice is reserved and quite amazing. His cover of Muse's Starlight is beyond words. He transformed that song and, in the words of any of the American Idol judges, made it his own...dawg.

Civalias- Myspace

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