Adam Heldring

Adam Heldring has an interesting story. Selling what little he owned for an acoustic guitar and a one way ticket to NYC, Heldring decided to follow his dream of making music. While he had a little success in his native Sweden, he wanted to get his music heard in the States. So not knowing a soul he recorded some demos and played his songs to any who would listen. That was a year ago, and now he has recorded his debut album Metro.

Heldring is a singer/songwriter with a great voice and mellow melodies. Currently playing SXSW, he sings of familiar themes with great honesty. His new single Ok Goodbye is a peppy guitar and piano driven song with a punchy chorus. Come Home is a simple song about following your dreams but realizing that you left many loved ones back home. Adam Heldring has a unique voice that could fit in nicely with today's singer/songwriters. Check him out live below.

Adam Heldring- Myspace
Come Home (Live)-
Adam Heldring - "Come Home" - Live in Stockholm

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Marilyn Roxie said...

Found your blog off of your comment on Anyone's Guess- I am digging the sound of Adam Heldring! :D