Birds of Tokyo

Australia just keeps on feeding me great music. Let's add another one shall we? Birds of Tokyo formed 5 years ago from well-known Australian bands Karnivool and Tragic Delicate (umm, ok.) They released a couple of EPs and two full lengths in a few short years and all without being signed to a major label. Birds of Tokyo remind me a lot of the band Tonic with soaring vocal melodies, which I think makes or break a band. They have strong guitar driven songs with great hooks to wrap your ears around.

Their latest release, Universes, finds the band really figuring out who they are. They have delivered some of their strongest songs yet. Among them are Broken Bones and Wild Eyed Boy. The latter is urgent, soaring track about the constant feeling of not being satisfied. (Wild eyed boy you're heart won't settle/ How much can you take?) The band really shines on the rocking, tempo changing White Witch. Lead singer Ian Kenny mixes up his vocal delivery to hit the power notes when he needs to. Another killer track is the ultra catchy Head in My Hands, it will have you humming the hook for days on end. Birds of Tokyo is a throw back to '90s rock and is refreshing to hear that there are some bands who still believe is making solid melodic rock.

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