Morning Runner

Wouldn't you know it? I find a band that's right up my alley only to discover they're broken up. But you know what? I don't care. Their music will be their legacy and still deserves to be heard. Morning Runner had their shining moment with the release of their debut album Wilderness Is Paradise Now 3 years ago. Back then they apparently contributed a theme song to a British sitcom and had many songs fe atured in commercials. Their break up was due to "pressures from the label" to make a more commercial follow-up.

Probably Morning Runner is best known for their song Gone Up In Flames, which is a barn-burner for sure. With catchy guitar hooks, church organs, and bouncing verses, lead singer Matthew Greener gives away the farm completely exploding on the mic. Another great track to check out is Burning Benches; a yearning piano ballad. All of this, of course, just makes it worse because the realization sets in that there will be no more music from these guys.

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