Honor Society

A bit of a departure into pop territory with this one, but keep reading because Honor Society aren't just your run of the mill sugary pop band. They have some of the most catchy, meticulously crafted songs I've heard in a long time. They remind me of The Cab with slick vocal harmonies having a modern edge with 80s undertones. (any group that sings about wondering what a girl's looking at on her mac are definitely a 21st century band) They are on tour with Jonas Brothers but let's not hold that against them, shall we?

Their EP, A Tale of Risky Business, spins tales of young love and regrets. Why Didn't I? tells of not getting the nerve up to tell someone how you really you feel, (It should be me and you together walking in the rain). It's the strongest track with a big beat verse that explodes into a driving chorus of guitar melodies and excellent harmonies. Honor Society shouldn't be exiled because they make great pop music. There is a place for undeniably catchy hooks with mainstream appeal and Honor Society delivers in both.

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Why Didn't I-

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