Sam Roberts

Is it a band or a person? True, the lead singer's name is Sam Roberts and the band is called Sam Roberts as well. It's kind of like Daughtry or Bon Jovi. The name, not the sound. Anyway... Sam Roberts is wildly popular in Canada but not here; at least not yet. They have released a couple of albums with their latest, Love At The End Of The World, hitting stores in February.

Sam Roberts has a down-home indie rock vibe. Their hooks are catchy and the delivery is reminiscent of The Strokes through a southern rock filter. But strangely enough they never venture into country territory. (Thankfully.) Their best song is Them Kids, a rolling ode to the state of the current rock music scene. Roberts delivers swift lines such as: Them kids don't know how to dance to rock and roll, with the confidence of someone who does. Another track to get your hands on is Detroit '67 which incorporates a pounding saloon piano line throughout. This album may be one to put Sam Roberts, the man and the band, on the US radar.

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