With a name like Anarbor, one might think that the band hails from Michigan. Well, one would be wrong. Anarbor is 4 guys from Phoenix, Arizona. But their music is very much California sunny rock/pop. They released a couple of EPs last year to little success. But their lack of sales doesn't translate into lack of quality. Their new EP Free Your Mind, comes out on Tuesday and it is filled with one catchy song after another.

The Brightest Green is a bouncy, choppy, guitar-driven song with chorus that is reminescent of Fall Out Boy. Lead singer Slade Echeverria can hit the high notes when he needs to but thankfully doesn't stay in that range. Often these punk/emo bands can get a little whiny. Another high point is Passion for Publication. It blends lyrics about a relationship going south (We've been falling apart/built to crumble from the start) with a sunny hook.

Anarbor will no doubtedly get slapped with the "another emo band" label, but they don't deserve it. They're much better than that. Anarbor has the goods and delivers with interesting songs that don't fall into the "whiny white boy" mold which is where a lot of bands get lumped.

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