The London

Hailing from Pittsburgh(?), The London is a band with an epic quality to them. Lead singer Dusty Ray has a deeper voice that kind of reminds me of a more melodic Depeche Mode. Their new EP Young and In Love just came out and has a big sound to it. With blaring guitars, martial drums, and catchy hooks, The London, as their name suggests, has a very Britpop sound. But Ray says their influence from the British music scene doesn't land on any particular band but rather the way British music revolutionalized the scene.

The London have anthemic songs. Their first single, Content, begins with military drums before crashing into melodic chorus which finds Dusty reaching for the high notes. The song Young and In Love is pulsing with guitars and flowing with synths; a definite highlight on the record. The harmonica laden Twenty One tells of the feelings one has when you reach that milestone (Lord give me a hand, I'm 21). A very good band that aims to write songs with all their heart and guts.

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