Crash Kings

Out of the blue, this band hits me in face. From LA, Crash Kings is the love child of Cold War Kids and The White Stripes. They've actually been knocked for sounding a little too similar to some bands out there, but you know what, I could think of worse bands to be compared to. They are a piano-driven, heavy bass, hook-ridden rock band with a lead vocalist who could actually replace Nate Willet from Cold War Kids if something ever happens to him.

One of the best songs 1985, is a peppy, piano pounding toe -tapper. Mountain Man finds the Kings doing their best version of The White Stripes with a grungy, indie stomp. They'll be touring with Chris Cornell this spring so check out the tour dates. One of the absolute best bands I've come across in a while. All of their songs have a melody that sticks with you. I'm actually excited about hearing more from them. Be sure to look for their debut album May 26th.

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1985 (Live)-

Download This- 1985


Anonymous said...

dude he plays Clavinet, not piano!! big difference! They don't even sound the same...Thanks for reviewing this great band though!

Anonymous said...

and i thought i was the only one that noticed the similarity between Tony's and Nate's voices... amen brother.