Two Hours Traffic

Canada's Two Hours Traffic is unabashedly catchy and sincere. (They get their name from a line in Romeo & Juliet, by the way.) With their second release Little Jabs, Two Hours Traffic find themselves blending folksy rock with powerpop. Lead singer Liam Corcoran and guitarist Alec O'Hanley founded the group around 2002 while attending University of Prince Edward Island.

Corcoran's vocals are raspy and
soft. The group's vibe is perfect for laid back summers. So it's fitting that the first single off Little Jabs is a track called Stuck for the Summer. Its got a peppy, guitar hook and bouncy chorus that is perfect for driving with the windows down. They've already been featured in many TV shows such Gossip Girl and Castle. Two Hours Traffic isn't really anything new, but create catchy hooks and tight pop songs.

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