Delta Spirit

Ok, so I'm definitely late to the Delta Spirit party. Their debut album came out last year, I listened to a few tracks and decided it wasn't for me. Then for some reason I checked them out again and now am totally a fan. Much of that might have to do with the excellent (and violent) video for People, C'mon. Delta Spirit is a blues rock band with all its jangly guitars and percussive piano.

Formed in 2005 in San Diego, Delta Spirit is known for its Americana sound with unconventional instruments. (trashcan lids, orchestral bass drums) Their debut album Ode to Sunshine is one great song after another. The Dylan-esque People, Turn Around delivers a lyrical wallop dealing with the senseless nature of war. (The blood we've been spilling will bleed us dry cause the life we've been killing is your life like mine.) Lead singer Matt Vasquez has a voice that sounds like he is singing for his soul. Delta Spirit gets everything right- lyrics, musicianship, and hooks. A band with the potential to become one of the greats.

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