The Devil Makes Three

So if I'm being upfront, country music isn't really something I'm into. I think once a song was called Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, I gave up. But I do have a soft spot for bluegrass. It must be the banjos that fascinate me. Old Crow Medicine Show is one shining example and I just discovered another-
The Devil Makes Three.

They hail from California, but you would think they've been wallowing in the Kentucky mud. Devil Makes Three perfectly blends bluegrass, rockabilly, and indie rock to form a new deep fried genre. Their new album Do Wrong Right, hits stores on April 21st. From what I've heard, Nashville needs to be finding a place for these guys. Their first single Old Number Seven is a tear in my beer type of song with a chorus that gives praise to Jack Daniels. Bangor Mash releases the banjos to great effect with a plucky soulful tune that really gets down after the first verse.

The Devil Makes Three is a rarity in today's music scene, where excellent musicianship meets catchy from the heart tunes.

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