US Royalty

US Royalty has been Washington, D.C.'s best kept secret for about 3 years now. After one of their live shows, it was written that there was no question if the band was any good, but how long they would stay local. That's pretty good praise and much deserved. US Royalty sounds to me a little like an Americana version of The Killers without the synths. All their songs are staright ahead indie rock. Lead singer John Thornley has a voice that expresses so much with every word.

They released an EP in the summer of last year, and also have some newer tracks posted on Myspace. Some of the best are the laid back lament of Raincoats and the forceful Where Are You Now. On that track, Thornley searches for the love he lost, singing, Sometimes I think of you when we're old and grown. The song starts out simple before exploding and all the while you can hear the emotion in his crackling voice. US Royalty definitely lives up to their name.

US Royalty- Myspace

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