Dead Confederate

A band from my old stomping grounds in Athens, GA. Dead Confederate may be one of the best named bands I have come across in a long while, and their music is pretty great as well. Their sound has been compared to that of My Morning Jacket, but I hear a little Kings of Leon in there as well. Dead Confederate have an alternative southern grunge vibe going on, which suits them very well. Lead singer Hardy Morris has a strain in his voice that fits the dark, descriptive lyrics very well.

Their debut LP, Wrecking Ball, is loaded with songs that set a mood every time you listen to them. Their first single, and best song I've heard from them, The Rat, is a moody song with scathing lyrics about betrayal (Shoot from the back/ take good aim/ make sure I'm dead/bang, bang). It simmers on the verses and boils over for the chorus. Dead Confederate's music is dirty, Southern rock at its brooding best.

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Good4YourEyeHole said...

they're great live too! check t out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsMFSnkXoeg