Miniature Tigers

I'm probably a little late getting on the Miniature Tigers bandwagon, but it took a while for them to grow on me. So if you don't like them right off just know that it took a few listens for me as well. Better late than never I always say. (I never say that.)

Miniature Tigers' sound is very laid back. Lead singer Charlie Brand sounds like he doesn't really care if you like it or not, but he's going to sing it anyway. Their debut album Tell It To The Volcano, has plenty of short, to the point indie rock/pop tunes. First single Cannibal Queen, wins the award for best lyrics in a song. This little ditty begins with a chugging bass line before letting lines about love slice and dice- Coming at your heart like a cannibal/ Oh she lets me right in and I'm fed till I'm full. Another great track is the Weezer-ish The Wolf. With its simple melody and lyrics, this one will settle in your brain and stay.

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