Jones Street Station

It at first you don't succeed... Jones Street Station released their debut album Overcome 2 years ago but don't feel as though it represents them all that well. Enter their true debut album In Verses out this August. Their second "debut" finds the boys from Brooklyn, by way of the midwest, with a new drummer and four, count 'em four lead vocalists. The band is a lo-fi alt-country group with each member more than strong enough to front a band on their own.

One of the strongest tracks is Tall Buildings, a melancholy goodbye to the country life for the big bustling city. (It's goodbye to the sunshine/ Goodbye to the dew/ Goodbye to you/ I'm off to the subway/ Going to work in tall buildings) Harmonicas, mandolin, piano, four-part harmonies fill the songs of Jones Street Station. Their alt-country laid back nature is a refreshing breeze for those lazy firefly filled summer nights.

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Anonymous said...

very nice sounding band, you're right it is a strong track, they didn't write it though, it's buy a 70's folk bluegrass guy called john hartford, also been covered by Gillian Welch, thought you might want to know!
preston england