A.A. Bondy

First off, this one is a long time coming. Not so much new to those who scour music blogs, but A.A. Bondy is still buried in the music scene. His style of Americana folk-rock isn't exactly radio ready. But Bondy's voice and songwriting abilities were the selling point for me. I first heard of him with his debut album American Hearts and his heartbreak of a song There's A Reason. Bondy's voice is weather worn and has one of those tones that is all at once intriguing and haunting.

Now Double A has a new album coming out September 1st called When The Devil's Loose. On this album Bondy is backed by a full band for a much richer sound. The title track is a bluesy fiddle filled, mid- tempo number that finds Bondy singing about a woman who apparently lives too cautiously (Oh the living and dying/ how easily you bruise). Bondy's casual vocal style paints a scene in every song. If you haven't already, get on board this bandwagon.

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